Fig. 1.
With Prof. J. Y. Jou

Fig. 2.
With Prof. L. G. Chen

Fig. 3.
With Prof. Wei Hwang, Prof. C. Y. Lee, J. J. Wang, Dr. C. M. Huang, and Dr. W. C. Tsai

Fig. 4.

Fig. 5.

Fig. 6.
With Prof. C. Y. Lee and Prof. S. G. Chen

Fig. 7.
With Prof. W. N. Lie

Fig. 8.
With Prof. Bin-Da Liu, Prof. S. M. Sheu, Prof. Tsai

Fig. 9.
With Prof. Robert W. Newcomb

Fig. 10.
With Prof. K. K. Parhi

Fig. 11.
With Prof. Bing Sheu

Fig. 12.
With Prof. An-Yeu Wu

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