3D Biomedical Graphics Electronic System Application Projects




Lecture 0 Syllabus

Lecture 1 OpenGL Pipeline

Lecture 2 Mobile Graphics Processing 

Lecture 3 GPGPU Programming

Lecture 4 GPU Design and Case Study

Lecture 5 Biomedical Signal Processing- Part I

Lecture 6 VLSI Biomedical Signal Processing

Lecture 7 Biomedical Signal Processing- Part II 

News Content Deadline / Date
Site online N/A 7/3, 2011
4C聯盟專案使用手冊 手冊說明View 10/24, 2012

Teaching Assistant:
張庭翰 etw92468@gmail.com
陳姵妤 pychen@viplab.cs.nctu.edu.tw

Phone: 03-5712121-59283

Lab: 電資大樓715 (Microelectronics and Information Systems Research Building, room 715)

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