Graphics Processing Architecture and System Design




Lecture 0 Syllabus

Lecture 1 Introduction to 3D Graphics Processing Flow

Lecture 2 Geometry Subsystem Design (Source from IEEE TCAS-I 2011)

Lecture 3 Vertex Shader Design I (Source from IEEE JSSC 2006)

Lecture 4 Vertex Shader II (Source from IEEE JSSC 2007)

Lecture 5 Rasterization Subsystem Design: Triangle Setup and Scan Conversion

Lecture 6 Rasterization Subsystem Design: Texture Compression

Lecture 7 Unified Shader Design I: SOC Design for Graphics (Source from IEEE JSSC 2008)

Lecture 8 Unified Shader Design II: Graphics and manycore

( Source: )

Lecture 9 Unified Shader Design III: GPU Computing with CUDA

( Source: )

Lecture 10 SOC Design: SOC Design for Graphics (Source from IEEE JSSC 2006)

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